Good design is more than just responding to the brief, it’s thinking about a place, its context and history, talking to stakeholders and building the best ideas. Engaging with the Canberra community from the outset will be key to the success of the final design for the Kingston Arts Precinct.

Community Liaison

Geocon is committed to engaging with key stakeholders and the Canberra community throughout the design development for the Kingston Arts Precinct. has been engaged to manage community consultation for this first stage of the project. The first engagement steps will include meetings between the design team and Arts user groups, presentations to the community and a pop-up at the Old Bus Depot Markets.

Elisabeth Judd, Director, will lead the engagement team and be the Community Liaison for the project. Elisabeth has extensive experience working in the public and private sector on projects related to urban planning, social policy, land development and stakeholder engagement. She has engaged with the Canberra community on a number of significant development projects and is committed to fostering genuine and meaningful community consultation.

The Kingston Arts Precinct is a catalyst project for the Canberra arts community—establishing a long anticipated new home for an exciting range of artists, cultural organisations and creative businesses. I look forward to working with the community to help bring the project to fruition.'

A Plan to Engage

A Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan has been prepared to support the design development for the Kingston Arts Precinct. The Plan is a demonstration of Geocon’s commitment to meaningful and contemporary engagement with key stakeholders and the broader Canberra community about the development of this destination precinct. To view a summary of the Plan, please click here.

Meet the Architect

Geocon was pleased to host a public presentation of the tender design proposal for the Kingston Arts Precinct by the project architects—Fender Katsalidis at the Fitters Workshop on 19 August

Couldn't come on the night?
Don’t worry—you can watch a video of the presentation including the Q&A session below.

The video includes the presentation by Fender Katsalidis (approx. 35 minutes) as well as the Q&A session (which commences at 36 minutes). So grab a cup of tea and settle in!

We’d love for you to provide your feedback once you’ve watched the video. To fill out the short survey on your first impressions please click here.

Engaging in 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and social distancing requirements have created a difficult environment for community engagement. However, the design team for the KAP project has continued to develop the estate development plan (EDP) for the new precinct based on feedback received from the community.

In July, the team met with the Community Panel with a presentation to update the panel on design progress.

That month, Geocon also met with representatives from the Kingston Foreshore Owners Corporation Association and had a meeting with the Kingston Barton Residents Group and Inner South Canberra Community Council to understand current issues and feedback from those community organisations.

The team is committed to engaging in continuing design development based on feedback received. To this end, this design development has also been informed by regular sessions with the National Capital Design Review Panel (NCDRP), with panel sessions in June and July, and another anticipated prior to finalisation of the EDP development application. Copies of the feedback from the NCDRP sessions is available on the KAP website home page.

In mid-August the team also presented the updated design to the ACT Heritage Council. Feedback from the Heritage Council will be received shortly.

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